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Workpackages of the EuroClonality-NGS Working Group

The EuroClonality-NGS Working Group is coordinated by a Steering Group (chair: Anton W. Langerak). The activities of the Working Group are organized in several Workpackages, each of which is coordinated by 1-2 expert leaders and is consisting of multiple research groups. These Workpackages are:

  • NGS application in PCR-based clonality assessment (Leaders: Patricia Groenen and Michael Hummel)
  • NGS application in MRD detection (Leaders: Monika Br├╝ggemann and Christiane Pott)
  • NGS application in capture-based clonality and translocation assessment (Leader: David Gonzalez)
  • NGS application in repertoire analysis (Leaders: Fred Davi and Kostas Stamatopoulos)
  • Development of bioinformatics pipeline for different NGS applications in immunogenetic analysis of (clonally) rearranged IG/TR genes (Leader: Nikos Darzentas)

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