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New EuroClonality publication on 1-tube TRG assays, discontinuation of commercial TRG 2-tube assay

Production and sales of the EuroClonality/BIOMED-2 TRG tube A-B assays has been discontinued by Invivoscribe, as the Invivoscribe TRG2.0 assay (1-tube assay) is available since a couple of years. The performance of the Invivoscribe TRG2.0 assay (full kit with controls: #12070101/12070111) has recently been evaluated in a multi-center study in comparison with the EuroClonality/BIOMED-2 TRG 2-tube assay as well as a new EuroClonality TRG 1-tube assay (Armand et al, HemaSphere 2019;3:e255). The latter was designed with the following specifications: (i) to regroup PCR products within a limited size range, (ii) to generate relatively short PCR products (<200 bp), (iii) to combine all primers within a single tube. Compared to the classical EuroClonality/BIOMED-2 TRG 2-tube assay, both 1-tube assays displayed fairly similar performances and demonstrated easier interpretation as well as a lower risk of false positives from minor peaks in dispersed repertoires. In addition, both assays generate smaller fragments, likely to be better adapted to analysis of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue samples.